04 June 2005


All day He had been teaching and healing ... the crowds ... Day after day He had ministered to them, scarcely pausing for food or rest ... He determined to seek retirement in some solitary place across the lake. ... After He had dismissed the multitude, they took Him ... into the boat and hastily set off ... The Saviour ... at last relieved from the pressure of the multitude ... overcome with weariness and hunger ... lay down in the stern of the boat and soon fell asleep ... suddenly darkness overspread the sky, the wind swept wildly down the mountain gorges ... and a fierce tempest burst upon the lake. ... Absorbed in their efforts to save themselves, the (disciples) had forgotten that Jesus was on board. Now, seeing their labor vain and only death before them, they remembered ... In Jesus was their only hope. In their helplessness and despair they cried, "Master, Master!" ... Doubt and fear assailed them ... Again they call but there is no answer except the shreiking of the angry blast. Already their boat is sinking...

In amazement and despair they exclaim, "Master, carest Thou not that we perish?" ... Lord, save us: we perish." ... Never did a soul utter thay cry unheeded ... Jesus rises ... lifts His hand ... and says to the angry sea," Peace, be still. " (... and the wind and the waves obey ...)

* The Desire of Ages, E.G. White, Chapter 35
Mark 5:39

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