27 September 2005


The personal ambitions and even the educational systems of this world are often aimed at temporal and worthless objectives! Millions of people spend their lives and energy:
Obtaining a good education Trying to become rich Trying to become famous or powerful Travelling the world Or simply enjoying themselves
The FEAR OF THE LORD, that is wisdom. To fear the LORD means: To believe that He exists To stand in holy awe before Him To believe Him and have faith in Him To respect Him, His Son and His law To be afraid of Him and to tremble at His Word
There are some who demand and command God as though He were a servant or equal. These folks do not fear the LORD. They insult Him by their foolish antics and words. There are others - multiplied millions - who say in their hearts 'There is no God.'
According to Scripture these people are 'fools.'
"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God..." Psalm:14:1

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