01 October 2005

Shawn Boonstra: Even These Believed #1

Some people describe it as a heavy weight on their shoulders. “You have to go to church.” “You have to keep God’s law.” “If you sin, you’ll go to hell.” “God is always watching to see if you make mistakes.” “Christianity is a long list of do’s and don’ts.” “Preachers want your money; religion wants your money; those deacons coming down the aisle toward you want your money.” And the list goes on. Impossible expectations. Fear. Hopelessness. ========================= Some people close their Bibles, lock their prayer closets, and make an agonizing decision: “That’s it. From now on I’m an atheist. If I have to endure all this dread, I simply won’t believe. I’m through with it.” But is a divorce between you and God the answer? Have “born-again” atheists found a renewed peace and optimism? Or has their desire to get away from hell brought them face-to-face with a hell of their own making? Join us this week to find out. View Online Video:Windows MediaReal Media To read this week’s script, click here To view a listing of the Scriptures quoted in this week’s program, please click here. GTHN!

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