02 October 2005

Shawn Boonstra: Even These Believed #2

You CAN Go Home Again ******************************************************************************* You wake up one morning,
and Exodus Chapter 20 is a blank piece of paper.
What’s happened?
The Ten Commandments are gone!
You flip over to the New Testament,
and discover that the Sermon on the Mount has been erased as well.
“Love your enemy” is gone.
The Golden Rule has been deleted.
All the guidelines about being faithful to your spouse
and not committing adultery by having lust in your heart—they’re history.
Obsolete ...
Former Beatle, John Lennon, once sang: “Imagine there’s no religion. Above us only sky.” And atheists in recent centuries have suggested: “We’re alone here...and that’s all right. We can find our own way. We can discover a collective good that keeps us from destroying one another.”
It’s sad but true that many, many hurts and horrors have been inflicted in the name of religion. Men have worn the mantle of what they perceived to be God’s will, and used that mantle to persecute those who didn’t agree. On the other side, how has it turned out when God’s kingdom has been rejected, when His Law has been shredded and ignored? Does utopia soon come? Today, we will visit stories of people who traveled to the farthest outposts of godless atheism, and then came back home View Online Video:Windows MediaReal Media To read this week’s script, click here To view a listing of the Scriptures quoted in this week’s program, please click here. http://www.written.org/tvprogram/ GTHN!

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